Digital Marketing

Loc Nguyen & Associates (LNA) provides branding and marketing services for small businesses, including entrepreneurs, health professionals and the real estate industry. Our services are suited towards entrepreneurs and small business owners looking to grow or kick-start their initial practices and offices.

We provide the following:

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Want your website to be found more (or at all!) in Google? SEO promotes your website to rank in the unpaid results of Google search results, leading to more organic, unpaid visitors to your business.

This service is suitable for businesses looking to develop a cost-effective marketing channel over the medium-long term.

Google Adwords

Need an instant boost to your website traffic? Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords) allows small businesses to bid against relevant search terms, potentially exposing your business to hundreds of qualified visitors.

This service is suitable for businesses that have the minimum budget requirements in order to test. All clients are subject to a feasibility study before Google Ads are implemented.


Visual branding is the face of your brand, helping clients better understand your business and appreciate its value in the market. LNA provides branding services, providing you with more than just a logo, but the visual systems you need to maintain a compelling, consistent brand image across marketing materials such as websites or documents.

Business Cards

Business cards are still essential and are powerful marketing tools for services where your offerings may not be immediately required or for businesses who source new clients by referral. Our team can develop professional business cards so you can leave your contact details with the best impression.