About Loc Nguyen

I admit it. I am a geek and I love technology. Loving technology doesn’t mean loving all technology! For me it’s about how can we use the technology to make us more productive with tangible results. Achieving more in less time so we can hopefully use the time we’ve regained to do something we love whatever that maybe. This is a fine balance that will be different for everyone.

In 2003, while working for a global company, my counterpart in the United States and England were tasked with figuring out a process of how we could share information between the 3 different continents so we could effectively work on the same project 24 hours a day. It was way ahead of its time and was a hugely expensive exercise. To have a VPN connect the offices cost $3000 per month per link. That’s $9000 per month just to link the offices. Backups then consisted of digital tape drives that were rotated weekly so that one set of tapes would always be offsite. This required a courier to pick up the physical tapes on a weekly basis! Forward to the current day and a similar setup could be done for about $1000 per month with the same results if not better due to a combination of advances in technology and reducing costs.

This advancement in technology combined with my experience has allowed me to be able design and implement a proven system for data protection and make it fit into a small business culture and budget.

I pride myself on being able to help businesses find that balance between cost and efficiency but even more important to be able to implement them, all the while explain it in everyday language so that non-technical people can understand. Now that I’ve given you a brief idea of what’s available now would be a good time to contact us so we can see if you need to setup an rsync connection with aes 256 sha encryption to back up all your data to our freebsd servers? Before we do that we’ll need to check your bandwidth to see if it’ll upload in MBits or Kbits to see how long it will take. Or do we just set it up to do incremental copies to your NAS on your LAN? We can also offer support via VNC or RDP depending on which port we can access on your router.

Did I mention we speak geek too?

I’m not just any geek. One that’s into recycling. I like to see if things will work where they are not supposed to – like running Apple software on a PC, running Android on Windows Phones, making the ultimate media center out of parts that you would throw away… as for evidence I’m sure my partner can attest to the 7 phones I have, 4 laptops, 3 tablets, 4 servers, 4 PCs and 3 Media Boxes I have around the apartment, none of which is new I might add. Did I mention I like to recycle? If you’re wondering how I can physically fit all this into an apartment well… we don’t have a lounge or dining table… you get the picture.