We would not recommend you to come to us for your accounting needs or to get your eyes checked or to get a filling nor would we give you any advice on your thyroid or how to sell your house… why? Because it’s not what we do.

In our 10+ years of helping small business, whether it be real estate, medical or dental practices, holistic or even construction, one thing we know for sure is: whatever software or hardware you use, you get treated like just another number. The issue usually lies in the fact that although these companies mostly exist thanks to small business like yours they themselves are no longer a small business.

We feel your pain.

In fact the main reason we exist is because of people and business’ like you. Back in 2003 we saw the need for specialist and tailored support for small and medium business at a price that literally wouldn’t put you out of business. We started with and continue to focus on the good old “personalised touch” whilst using our back ground creating solutions for large global enterprises to create solutions that gives you the same result at a fraction of the cost.

Do you remember a time when you felt that personalised touch from your support?

On our travels with our clients these are some of the experiences we’ve had in dealing with vendor support on behalf of our client:

  • We call the support number and am glad to actually speak to a person. The problem is that they are just a human answering machine. They take the call just so we can leave a message, then usually hours later and sometimes even days later, they call back and if you happen to miss the call then it all starts again even if you try to call back to be put back in the queue.
  • After calling the support number and leaving your message you get a call back from one of the support people hours later only to be told that someone else with more experience will call back later… seriously? More hours go by…
  • Support for a large multifunction unit says that your particular model needs to have a the firmware upgraded. We book the upgrade in March. December they come out to do the upgrade…

We feel your pain BUT we know it doesn’t have to be that way! We’ll treat you and your staff like people! We’ll spend the time to get the job done right!