“Does this look like you when having to deal with tech support?”

We feel your pain! And we know it doesn’t have to be that way!

In addition to the standard services for small business IT we offer specialised tailored services to Health and Real Estate professionals.
Our 10+ years of experience working with health and real estate specific software that you rely on day in and day out for your business ensures that we can get issues resolved quickly and if the need arises we will speak to these particular vendors on your behalf to get a resolution.

Don’t see something here that suits you? Don’t worry just click here to contact us and we’ll figure out a solution that fits you and your business like a glove.

Standard Business Services

  • Server setup and configuration
  • Applications setup and support
  • Hardware and Software upgrades
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Data backup and recovery
  • Virus protection and removal
  • Mobile devices setup and configuration

Specialised Business Services

  • Medical Director and Pracsoft
  • Best Practice
  • Dental4Windows and Media Suite
  • Practiceworks and Orthotrac
Real Estate
  • Console Gateway Live
  • Rest Professional
  • ADLForms
  • Realworks Live

Data Backup

Managed Solutions
  • On-site and Off-Site Backup
  • Private cloud services
Automatic Solutions
  • LocDN Desktop
  • LocDN SoHo
  • LocDN Professional
  • LocDN Professional Plus